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'Pawn Stars' Celebrity Unwittingly Raises Money For Gang Members

The Old Man, star of the incredibly popular 'Pawn Stars' show on The History Channel, was apparently bilked into hosting a fundraiser for a notorious motorcycle gang in Las Vegas. Reports indicate that The Old Man hosted a Valentine's Day party for the Vagos biker gang at his Las Vegas home. The party boasted a raffle, the proceeds of which were allegedly used to fund criminal defense attorneys for the gang's various members.

The Vagos motorcycle gang was recently the subject of a federal investigation that led to the arrest of over thirty gang members for charges ranging from gun and drug trafficking to robbery. Rick Harrison, The Old Man's son and co-star of 'Pawn Stars' has told media outlets that his father was not aware that this event was for the purpose of raising money to pay for lawyers to defend the various gang members.

Harrison also revealed to TMZ that he is certain his brother, Joseph, was behind the con, stating that he is a Vagos gang member with an extensive criminal history. No reports have been received that indicate just how much money the Vagos gang raised during this fundraiser and The Old Man has yet to make a public statement regarding his involvement in the event.

Gang-related crime is a reality in Las Vegas. From motorcycle gangs, like Vagos, to more recognizable street gangs like the Bloods and Crips, gang enhancements are charged regularly as they relate to crimes in Las Vegas. Special gang taskforces have been set up throughout the valley to identify known gang members and to assist in the prosecution of gang related crime.

Gang enhancements can greatly increase the sentence imposed for drug, firearm, and theft crimes. An individual facing a gang enhancement may find that the enhancement limits their ability to seek probation for the charged crime. If you, or someone you know, is facing a gang enhancement for a crime it is vital that you have an experienced Las Vegas Defender on your side to help you navigate the legal system and address your charges.

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