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Apparent Home Invasion Robbery Shocks South Las Vegas Neighborhood

Police responded to a, typically quiet, south Las Vegas neighborhood on Monday morning. Officers encountered, what appears to be, an attempted home invasion robbery. An unidentified male homeowner had been shot four times at or near his house during the alleged robbery. The man then ran through the neighborhood looking for someone to help him call police and an ambulance to catch the robber.

According to Metro reports, a man who rents a home in the neighborhood has been taken into custody and he is believed to be the man who attempted the home invasion robbery and shot the homeowner. The suspect was seen running in the neighborhood just moments after shots were fired. Metro reports that they are still searching for another unidentified person of interest who may have been involved in the robbery and escaped prior to the officer's arrival.

The homeowner was taken to University Medical Center for treatment of the gunshot wounds he sustained in the robbery. At last report, he was in stable condition. The neighborhood was taped off for several hours while police investigated the apparent robbery. Metro is asking anyone with information regarding the robbery and shooting to report it to authorities.

The suspect(s) in this case may be facing charges for the robbery, assault, battery, home invasion, and even attempted murder. Home invasion is a serious enhancement to a robbery charge that can often result in increased sentences and fines for those convicted. Robbery, as defined by the Nevada Revised Statutes, is the unlawful taking of another person's property off their person or in their presence without their permission or by threat or use of force or injury.

Burglary, unlike robbery, is a theft crime that occurs when an individual is not present. It appears that the Las Vegas homeowner was home, or came home, during the robbery that took place on Monday and that his presence may have startled the would-be-robbers, causing them to shoot. Details of the incident are not confirmed though, and formal charges have not yet been lodged.

Robbery is a felony theft crime in Nevada. A conviction is punishable by prison for 2-15 years. An enhancement for home invasion can increase that potential punishment. And while the details of this case are still pending, the perception of the incident as a home invasion robbery has the potential to negatively impact the defendant(s) in the case.

If you, or someone you know, is facing a theft,violent crime, or other criminal charge the circumstances of the situation are both relevant and vital when considering how best to respond to the charge. Enhancements, like home invasion, can be tacked on when the details and facts become skewed or are not fully reported. That is why contacting an experienced Las Vegas criminal attorney should be one of the first things you do when facing a serious charge like robbery.

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