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Ice Road Trucker Star Charged With Kidnapping, Extortion And Coercion

Timothy Zickuhr, a self-proclaimed "outlaw" who starred on the reality TV show, Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel, has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion. According to reports, Zickuhr kidnapped a local prostitute and held her captive in his Las Vegas apartment because he believed she owed him $1,000.

Zickuhr ordered the woman to contact someone who would pay him the money he believed he was owed. The woman had the phone number of an undercover Metro officer and provided it to Zickuhr. Various phone calls were made to the undercover officer regarding the kidnapped woman, whom Zickuhr threatened to kill if he did not receive the money he was demanding.

Apparently Zickuhr's neighbors heard the woman's screams from the apartment and also contacted police regarding a potential kidnapping. It was then that Zickuhr forced the woman to jump from a two story window. The two walked to a local casino where undercover officers were waiting to arrest Zickuhr on the kidnapping, extortion and coercion charges.

Reports indicate that Zickuhr admitted to keeping the woman against her will, but he confessed that he was wrong about the money he believed she owed him. Allegedly, Zickuhr planned to place ads online for adult services and force the woman to participate in sexual favors in exchange for money. These alleged admissions led to the coercion charges currently pending.

The publicly known facts of this case are still developing, and Zickuhr is set for preliminary hearing in May. However, it appears that this case involves a confusing set of circumstances that may be compounded by the various actors.

Many charges for kidnapping, extortion and coercion involve similarly confusing situations whereby information obtained from suspects, victims and witnesses can be vital to properly evaluating the case. Las Vegas criminal attorneys who specialize in these types of criminal cases often have the skill and acumen to decipher the facts and present a cognizant version of the activities giving rise to the charges.

If you, or someone you know, is facing charges for kidnapping,coercion, extortion or any other serious criminal offense it is vital that you have experienced counsel on your team evaluate the specific facts and circumstances of your case. Sometimes by reviewing the actual incident itself an attorney can identify defenses and/or strategies that will be of benefit.

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