Warrants in Las Vegas

Answers from a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you need legal assistance with any type of warrant matter in Las Vegas or in the surrounding areas of Clark County or Pahrump, Nevada, the Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at the Brown Law Offices can help. Our firm offers aggressive and experienced legal representation in all situations regarding arrest warrants, bench warrants, and search warrants. Attorney Phil Brown has a 14-year background as a Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County and is well-versed in all of the legal aspects regarding warrants. He has in-depth knowledge on this subject and is extremely familiar with the local court personnel and systems which issue them.

Types of Warrants

An arrest warrant is issued if law enforcement believes that you have committed a crime. If you believe that an arrest warrant has been issued for your arrest, you should consult with our criminal defense attorney who can investigate the matter and who may be able to clear your warrant without you being placed in jail. Arrest warrants are issued following evidence presented to a judge by law enforcement or the District Attorney that shows probable cause that you committed a crime or after a Grand Jury indictment.

Bench warrants are issued by judges if, in the progress of a criminal case, you have defied a court order, otherwise known as being in contempt of court. A bench warrant authorizes the police to arrest you on the spot and detain you on bail. If you have failed to appear at a court date, failed to pay a fine, failed to complete community service, attend court-ordered counseling, or some other sentencing terms, or failed to follow any court order, you may be placed in contempt and be subject to a bench warrant, be sent to jail, fined, or face other penalties.

If you have either an arrest warrant or bench warrant, you need an experienced attorney who can file a motion with the court to quash or recall the warrant. If this motion is granted, the warrant is terminated and you will be allowed to remain free pending resolution of your case. If an active warrant is not corrected, you may be arrested and put in jail for an extended period of time. If you have an arrest warrant or a bench warrant, you need an experienced attorney who is familiar with the court process and has handled warrants. Phil Brown has handled thousands of arrest and bench warrants during his fourteen-year career as a chief deputy district attorney.

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Search warrants are issued by judges to search your property for evidence when law enforcement has probable cause in believing you have committed a crime. Search warrants can be suppressed through a motion by the Las Vegas warrants attorney at our firm if they are illegal or unreasonable.

In any warrant situation, you should consult with attorney Phil Brown for competent legal assistance and criminal defense.

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