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Will I Go To Jail For Marijuana Sales?

Are you facing charges for selling marijuana? The penalties imposed in the state of Nevada are exceptionally harsh, with mandatory minimum sentences. Your first action must be to get an aggressive criminal attorney to defend you. Your case may have serious flaws, and with the right strategy, you could walk away without damaging your life forever.

How long is the sentence for marijuana sales in Nevada?

If you are accused of selling less than 100 lbs. (any amount), you will face a 1 year mandatory sentence and up to $20,000 in fines. Cases involving grow houses, importation and transportation or distribution are all very heavily punished in this state. Get an attorney before your case progresses any further. Your future freedom could depend upon it.

Can I beat a marijuana sales charge?

Any crime case could have errors. Police can get overzealous and violate correct procedure, constitutional rights or even the arrest process. A search may have been illegal. You may be innocent. Every case is different, but what holds true in all cases is that the skill of your defense lawyer is the most important factor in what happens to you.

I sold to an undercover narc. What do I do now?

If you sold to an undercover officer, we need to review the facts in your case at once. It is illegal to entrap a person, and sway the person to commit a crime that he or she would not have otherwise. Let us look over the facts in your case – fast.

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