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Former NFL Star, Aaron Hernandez, Indicted for First Degree Murder

Ex-New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, was indicted on August 22, 2013 on six separate criminal counts including firearms charges and first degree murder. Hernandez is charged with killing his 27-year-old friend, Odin Lloyd, in June of this year. A jogger found Lloyd's body on June 17, 2013 in an industrial park near Hernandez's home. Lloyd apparently suffered multiple gunshot wounds from what authorities believe to be a .45-caliber Glock pistol. While the murder weapon has not been found, police have recovered a magazine for .45-caliber bullets in Hernandez's vehicle along with the same caliber ammunition found in his apartment.

Hernandez claims his innocence and pleaded not guilty to the weapons and murder charges. After the August 22nd indictment, and a brief court appearance, Hernandez's attorney expressed that he was pleased to be heading to a jury trial as he felt as though the district attorney did not have enough evidence to convict.

Authorities are also investigating the 2012 murders of Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and Safiro Teixeira Furtado. Witnesses to those murders identified an SUV rented in Hernandez's name as the assailant vehicle. Police searched the home of Hernandez's uncle in that case but will not comment on whether or not Hernandez himself is a suspect.

The crime of murder can carry with it a potential for the death penalty. A person charged with murder has a very challenging legal road ahead of them. Understanding the different degrees of murder and different defenses which can mitigate culpability is important. But more important than just an auxiliary understanding of the law is having an experienced criminal defense attorney there to help you develop and present your case.

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